Chapter 1

Meet Amelia Ferris.

After her mother’s death she found herself flirting with Spencer Funke. She invited him over one night to see how he felt about her. They ended up kissing in the hot tub.

She confided in her best friend, Moki Rossi. Little did she know he had a crush on her, and as they got to talking that night, he kissed her.

Spencer found out and they fought.

Amelia’s sister, Taylor, found out and went to Spencer’s house. Meanwhile, Amelia went to yell at Moki about ruining her relationship.

After going back to Spencer’s(Taylor was gone by this time) Amelia and Spencer patched things up. Spencer told Amelia that Taylor had talked to him and he should forgive her. Amelia went home knowing her relationship was safe.

Family Tree! 

3 comments on “Chapter 1

  1. Funke? 😀 Is he spawn of Gobias? I really like your legacy so far-it’s nice and full of drama. (:

  2. Wicki Chick says:

    It looks like Amelia and Spencer’s relationship got off to a rocky start…but it appears it was Amelia’s lucky day..Spencer forgave her..he looks like a rich sim she would be a smart girl to keep her relationship with Moki just a friendship thought is is also apparent she may have feelings for him too…she seemed to share more than one kiss with him and wasn’t minding it.

  3. Hi there, Nice to meet you. I just read the intro and first chapter of your legacy. It was so sad about the fire by nice to see Amelia carrying things on. will continue reading and it’s interesting to see Spencer Funke in your story. I played the Funke family over a year ago before computer issues wiped them out except for Carol and I had fun playing her in three stories and you can read about her adventures on my


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