Chapter 6

Miko and I moved to a place called “Appaloosa Plains” or something like that. He made the decision after I had expressed the want to buy another horse. We settled in to a small house. It was 2 stories, but very small. It only had 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, and the dining room was in the living room! With two kids – our second, Maria, was born right after the move – we couldn’t waste any space. We were actually pretty crammed, even though we had room to expand. That was the selling point on the house. We could expand, and I had enough room to buy a horse.

About a week after we moved in, I went to the stables and picked out a horse. I named him “Charming”. He didn’t have a name and his personality stuck out like a ray of sunshine. When I walked up to his pen, he came right up to me and nuzzled me. I knew right then it was fate.

Miko realized how much upkeep this horse and family was going to be and went to work. He finally put his degree to use and became a doctor. Miko had graduated early and went to a speed training college. I guess it was like a trade school. From what I hear, Miko was very good at his job.

The city itself wasn’t very city-like. It was more of a town. Each building had it’s own charm. It was so different from where I grew up. There were no big buildings across the river or anything of the sort. It was very beautiful, but something about it seemed off. I wasn’t used to the feeling of a small town.

My first child, Eva, grew up too soon. I knew she was going to be a beautiful woman, but part of me never gave up on that past that I had. She reminded me too much of it.

Miko and I began expecting our second together. He was praying it was a boy. I had two girls already at that point, and I wanted a boy too. Too many girls in one house can beĀ disastrous.

I gave as much attention as I could to Eva before the baby was born, because with two babies, I wasn’t going to be able to pay as much attention to her as I wanted to.

Towards the end of my pregnancy, a fire broke out in my house. The memories of my mother came flooding back. I never was there when she died. I was way too young to remember details, either. I stayed my distance as to not hurt myself and my baby.

Luckily, I was not hurt, but it forced me into labor. I delivered my third child, Julian.

After a few months I became sick. Then I discovered the truth. We weren’t expecting any more, but here I was, pregnant again. We both decided it would be our last. Our house was full as it was.

Maria grew up soon after I became pregnant, followed by Julian.

The birth of Rylie, a beautiful baby girl.

I had neglected Charming for a long time, and decided to get on him again. He made me happy, but not the happy I wanted to be. There was a hole in my heart that I needed fixing, and it needed fixing for many years. I wasn’t sure what could fix it, but I held strong through the next couple birthdays.

What I didn’t know was, our money was dwindling, and fast. We couldn’t afford a maid, so our house was dirty and messy all the time. My kids were getting sick, and I didn’t know how to fix it. Miko was doing his best. I couldn’t get money from racing because I wasn’t as experienced as I used to be. I was trying to be the best mother for my children…but somehow it wasn’t good enough..

One comment on “Chapter 6

  1. Awh! Perhaps what she’s missing is a job.. or a cat. Everybody needs a cat. (: Good chapter, dear!

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