Chapter 10

I didn’t think he would actually want me. I didn’t think I would actually make him chase me. I should have realized what was in store for me. I should have held onto that sadness in his eyes, that mystery. I wish I could just take back the chase. I wish I would have just said yes that first time. No shyness. 

I wasn’t sure to expect. I wasn’t even sure what to wear. I had to go shopping to find something nice. He told me something floor length, so I tried my best.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I wanted to make sure everything was perfect. Everything needed to be in place. I picked at my hair, my teeth, my eyes. I even picked at my ears. Garret was this rich gentleman that was somehow interested in a girl like me.

There was a knock on the door. I quickly grabbed my purse and opened the door.

I smiled. He looked handsome as ever.

“Hello Maria.” He smiled back.

“Hi Garret.”

He pulled me in and kissed my cheek. It took me by surprised, but I didn’t pull away. Instead I quickly recuperated and kissed his cheek back. Was that the right thing to do?

I followed him downstairs and to his car. It was nice. Red.

The drive was quick, and I was grateful. We walked into a nice restaurant and were immediately seated, despite the other people who were waiting.

“Why’d we skip the line?” I asked once we were seated.

“I had a reservation. This table was cleared off and ready for us before we came.

“Oh.” I smiled slightly and opened the menu.

“Garret!” I gasped as I read the prices. I felt a hand on mine.

“Relax. I can afford places like this. I’m treating you.” He grinned his grin at me and I felt relaxed. I had to let him treat me.


The conversation was fascinating, the atmosphere was comfortable and rich. The food was exquisite. I had a fabulous time.

We reached back to my apartment and he walked me to my door.

“I had a really great time tonight, Garret.”

“Well I’m glad. I hope I can take you out again. I’d like to treat you some more.”

“That…that would be wonderful.”

We smiled at each other, and the hallway became quiet, and awkward. After a moment, Garret took a step towards me and placed my head in his hands. I gasped, right before his lips touched mine.

We dated for a few months. He picked me up every Friday evening, at 6 pm sharp. We seemed to go everywhere. We went to elegant, nice restaurants like out first date, the movies, small bistros, and more. We fell for each other pretty quickly.

One day, we made a date for Sunday. We went for a picnic and then for a walk. He decided to stop and sit by a kids’ soccer game, and eat and watch.

“They’re so cute.” I blurted. I looked over at Garret to gauge his reaction. He looked at me and smiled.

“All of them?” I nodded. “Yeah I think they are too. You want kids?”

I instantly stopped smiling, out of surprise. I thought about it for a moment as he looked back to the game. I took a breath and looked at the game too.

“Yeah. I’d like kids. I don’t know when but maybe some day. I can see myself either having one, or having seven and they’ll all be running around, chaotic.”

We smiled at each other, then turned back to the game. We sat there for a while.

A kid kicked a ball over to us and came running after it. Garret picked the ball up and smiled at him.

“Hey Buddy”  The kid smiled at him, then turned to me in expectation.

“Hi there!” I smiled. The kid didn’t move. I turned to Garret. “Is he okay?”

Garret looked at me and took a breath.

“What?” I inquired.

Garret took the kid’s hand and brought him closer to me.

“Maria. I’d like you to meet my son.”

2 comments on “Chapter 10

  1. Oooh, looks like Garret’s got one human sized sack of luggage there. I really like him, but he seems to be flaunting his money quite a bit. He reminds me almost of Gatsby, but if Gatsby were an honest single dad. (:

  2. rocorems says:

    Love the stories, love the author!

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