Chapter 16: Prologue to Generation 4

I’m going to be trying out a bit of third person in this chapter and maybe the next few. 


We met when we were 17. We were both in the science club, top of our class, chess fanatics. We seemed to be identical twins of each other. I think we were destined to be with each other, though it took most of our high school career to even meet each other. I’d sit in the front of the class, and she’d sit in the back, that’s why we never met. Until one day…

Normally, the clinking of the beakers was the only sound that Felix heard during science class. On this day, nothing was normal, as the teacher had paired Felix up, as well as the whole class, in pairs. This was something Felix had never done. He prefered to work alone, as most of the time his partners were less than competent, which is a hard feat.

Today, Felix was paired up with a girl. She had chestnut hair and sparkling blue eyes. She approached him shyly.


Felix could sense that she was shy, and felt comfort in it. He had always been shy himself.


The girl smiled and moved onto the seat next to him.

“My name’s -”

“Let’s just work, okay?” Felix never meant to be rude, but sometimes he came off as such.

The girl nodded, and they got to work.

After a few minutes, the girl spoke up.

“You’re not going to use the salt first, are you?”

Felix stopped and looked up at the blue-eyed girl. “What?”

“You’re about to use the salt first. It’d be easier to use the baking soda. That way when the chlorine mixes with–”

“I know what I’m doing.”  Felix did indeed know what he was doing, but at the moment, something in the backof his head was screaming at him to listen to the girl. “You know what. You do it.”

“Really?” The girl looked shocked. They both started at each other for a moment before she blinked and moved closer to the beakers, which was also closer to Felix. She began to do the experiment her way. Felix watched as the girl added the baking soda, and continued with the experiment. Felix had always done things one way, but the way this girl was working was almost immaculate.

“There.” The girl took a step back, brushing Felix’s arm slightly, causing him to come out of his thoughts.

“What?” He adjusted his glasses.

“I’m done.” Felix turned and looked at the counter. The mixture that resulted from the experiment was exactly how it should be. He looked up at the girl, who was standing there with a smile on her face.

The bell rang. “Alright class! Turn your projects in, and make sure your names are on them!”

The girl leaned down and wrote her name on the beaker, which Felix payed no attention to. She stood up, smiled at Felix, then took her things and left the classroom. Felix couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

The next day in class, Felix didn’t sit at the front of the room. Instead, he sat in the back, at the same counter as the girl he had worked with the day before. She smiled at him as he sat down.


“Hello.” Felix gave a quick smile, and class began.

After class, Felix wanted to get to know this girl. He had been looking at her worksheet all during the hour, and everything had been perfect. When the girl got up to leave, he stopped her.

“What’s your name?”

She turned and smiled. “Only if you tell me yours first.”

“Felix Heller.” Felix waited in anticipation.

“Elizabeth. Elizabeth Townsend.”

(She refused to smile! 😦 )

Heir Vote for Generation 4!

Voting ends Saturday, August 11, at 4 pm PST.

Here are your choices for the next generation’s heir! Jonathan, Garret’s child, is not in the running because he was not Maria’s son. So, that leaves you 5 choices! You can vote Here!

Felix Heller

Family Oriented, Lucky, Great Kisser, Hopeless romantic, Easily impressed

Felix is a nerd. He spent his time in school in the science room or in the library. He’s the kind of person who wants to settle down with a girl and have kids. He’s actually met a girl in his high school, and they’ve been dating ever since. He loves his parents, and is protective of all of his siblings, so him moving is out of the question. He seems settled, but when his girlfriend starts to be evasive, his crystal clear view on the world seems to shatter. Can Felix solve the puzzle that is his life?

Charlotte Heller

Friendly, Lucky, Charismatic, Genius, Virtuoso

Charlotte has big dreams of being a famous pianist, and wishes to pursue them. Starlight Shores has always been her number 1 destination to follow her heart and move there very soon. She seems oblivious to any man who shows any interest in her. But, when a handsome record exec shows up to her shiny new apartment with a proposition, will she take it? More importantly, is Charlotte ready to face what the spotlight has to offer?

Sebastian Heller:

Schmoozer, Perfectionist, Lucky, Charismatic, Great Kisser

Sebastian has always been known to be a lady killer. All through high school he broke girls’ hearts, and that hasn’t stopped. He, like his sister Charlotte, dreams of the high life. He wanted to be a suave movie director in the city of Bridgeport. When he moves there, however, he encounters a girl who turns his world upside down. Can he survive the roller coaster of the city?

Rose Heller:

Schmoozer, Easily impressed, Absent minded, Charismatic, Loves the outdoors

Rose is the blonde of the group. The real ‘blonde’. She never gets anything. No one knows where her and her brother got the blonde, but that’s how life makes us laugh. Her parents thought it’d be best for her to stay home with them as she gets in trouble a lot, with her..’blonde’ness and everything. Her dreams in life are to be the wife of a wealthy husband. Will she find her dream, or will she have to plan for something else?

Alexis Heller

Charismatic, Family oriented, Great kisser, Perfectionist, Dog Person

Alexis, being born last (her sister insists on it), is the last to do anything. Whether it’s get a boyfriend, be kissed, go to high school, anything. She seemed to interest the boys though. She was attractive, innocent, young, quirky. Even the teachers seemed to notice. Especially one in particular. Alexis slides it off her shoulder, saying he’s just being friendly. Will Alexis be right or will this teacher have some ulterior motive?

Again, You can vote Here!

Chapter 15: Life Follows

It seemed like only days passed before Garret popped the big question. After we had gotten back together, nothing had gone wrong. Of course I said yes.

We got married almost 2 years after, as we were busy with our careers and that’s when we were both available. We kept a lovely wedding album.

You know what marriage means, right? It means kids! Although, I thought we’d have maybe one or two. We got a set of triplets, and then a set of twins.

Felix, Charlotte, and Sebastian came first, and were born in that order.

Then came Rose and Alexis, also in that order.

They’re a real mess. I love them all though.

Chapter 14: The Return

Readers, Sorry for the delay. I was camping! Here’s your new chapter. Enjoy!


It wasn’t necessarily the figure that bothered me. My new neighborhood was pretty filled with people, so anyone walking by my house was normal. What bothered me was it was pretty consistent. It seemed to be the same form, every week, on the dot.

This figure seemed to never notice that I knew he or she was there. I tried to ignore it, but in the back of my mind, I knew it was there.

Then one day, it disappeared, and in it’s place was a familiar face. The doorbell rang, and I answered it.


I started to close the door, but his hand stopped it. He was always stronger than I was.

“Maria, please.”

His eyes tore at the rational side of my brain, and I let him in.


He walked in and looked around, taking in my new house.

“Quite an upgrade.”

I tried to avoid any awkwardness and went along with it.

“Yeah, my dad finally used the money from my mother’s life insurance..”

My eyes avoided him, and eventually stuck to the floor.

“It’s like you have a family living here.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him enter the living room and take a seat against the window. I looked up at him as I realized something.

“It was you, wasn’t it?”

He turned and looked at me as if he knew what I was talking about but wanted me to say more.

“You’ve been watching me.”

Garret opened his mouth, but closed it, as if what he was going to say was a bad idea. “Yes. Well, yes and no. It wasn’t me actually watching you, but it was me who paid the guy to find out where you were.”

I plopped down on the seat next to him, confused, and a little freaked out. He put his hands up.

“I wasn’t doing it to just watch you. I wanted him to find you. I came to your apartment and you were gone. I needed to know how you were doing.”

I was confused. “I thought you were supposed to leave me alone.”

“I was going to. But you needed to know the truth.”

“You cheated on your wife with me. What else is there to know?”

Garret looked down, and I felt a wave of multiple emotions come over me. Was I wrong? I moved to the couch next to him. “Garret? What’s wrong?”

“I should have told you before…” He looked up at me, and I could tell he was trying his best to keep himself together, and every moment he was doing that, I was starting to unravel in his presence.

“My wife…I shouldn’t have called her that. Maybe I should have. I don’t know. The thing is…she died 4 years ago.”

“H-how?” I was stunned.


Garret rested his hand on me and continued, but I seemed to fade out.

“Breast Cancer.”

I thought about how much time had passed since the last time I saw Garret.

“She was diagnosed a year after Jonathan was born.”

I thought about how I didn’t want to listen to him.

“The tumor wasn’t that big, we thought we had a chance.”

I thought what I said to him right before he told me about his wife.

“She fought for 3 years.”

My hand found it’s way to Garret’s, and I looked him in the eye.

“I’m so sorry.”

He smiled slightly. “I’m sorry I didn’t explain immediately. I feel like I’ve wasted so much time. Please tell me you feel the same way as you did before.”

And I did.

“I love you, Garret.”

“You’ve made me feel so much more than what my wife made me feel. I think I was made to be with you. I love you, Maria.”

My heart pounded all the way to my head as he kissed me.

I felt my face heat up when his hand moved to my neck, and pulled me closer. My hand grabbed his jacket to do the same. When his other hand moved across my leg and rested on my hip, I knew where this was going. I pulled away, and gave myself a moment to rest, as my breathing had gotten heavy.

“Not here.”

I stood up and pulled him from the couch. Leading him upstairs and to my room, I let him do what no man had done to me before.

Chapter 13

Note to readers: This chapter is primarily just a showcase of the house, made by pixsidust2 on the sims3 website. More storyline will be coming soon! You can skip the pictures and just read the beginning and the end!

I wasn’t allowed to bring a lot from my apartment. Most of the furniture belonged to the complex, so I had a bit of shopping to do. My sister helped me pick out some furniture from the store, just enough to get by.

The stuff we bought didn’t seem like much. Honestly it didn’t. Well, I guess the truck that had to move the furniture to my house was much.

The walls were white. The floors were all the same bland brown carpet, even in the bathrooms. I’d have to ask my father to help me paint

It took a few weeks, but we completed it! I took pictures for my scrapbook.

Let me give you a tour of my new house. 

Here’s the front entrance hall.

Taking a left, here’s the Office.

Now let’s go back across the entrance to the living room/dining room.

Through the arch, is the kitchen. 

Leading to the downstairs bathroom.

The laundry room across the small hall.

The Garage.

The garage has a staircase that leads to an extra bedroom, or storage space, which also has a bathroom attachment.

Going back to the kitchen, there’s a family room.

Up the stairs….

We have the boys room on the right.

It has a shared bathroom with the girls’ room.

My dad and I decided to decorate these, just in case. I want a family eventually right? Here’s the girls room!

The nursery for my future children. I’m so excited!

Here’s the master bedroom.

And the master bath.

That’s it for the inside! Here are some outside pictures!

I’m finally completely moved in. I wanted the house to be complete, so we didn’t buy everything at the quality I wanted to, but hopefully it changes in the future.

There was one thing that bothered me about settling in was sometimes at night I’d see this figure outside…

Chapter 12

My heart seemed to stop in that instant. My life, my world, froze around me. That word. Wife. That word, it seemed as if it had turned such a great thing into such a horrible, dirty thing. In a split second, I turned from a girlfriend into a mistress. Or so I thought.

“My wife.”

I was a dirty mistress.

“My wife.”

Horrible. I was horrible. Horrible horrible.

“My son.”

Who was I to him? A fling? We’d been dating for months.

“My wife.”

We hadn’t even done…the nasty nasty.

“My wife.”

I just told him that I loved him!


I jumped at his touch. I quickly stood up, freaked. I backed away with my hands up, ending up against the counter.

“I-I-I-I-I can’t! Get out!”

Garret sighed lightly, and got up. I turned away and rested my hands on the counter.

I heard the door open and close, and let out the breath I knew I was holding. The world was silent for a moment before I completely broke down. I fell to the floor, completely defeated. Tears streamed from eyes, and I had no intention to stop them. I felt betrayed. I felt broken. I felt like there was nothing for me.

One Week Later…

“So what are you going to do?”

Rylie had been my rock. For the past week, all I did was eat, sleep, and work. I barely spoke to anyone except her.

“I still don’t know. It was wrong for both of us.”

“I hear you on that. I think you need a fresh start.”

I looked at my sister, slightly confused. “What do you mean?”

She smiled, hoping I would ask that.

“Well, when mom died, you know how I struggled. We all struggled.”

I nodded.

“Well, I made myself over. I focused on becoming a new person. I thought of who I wanted to be, wrote it down, and stuck to it. I focused on making myself a new person. I feel like I succeeded, right before high school. I was lucky that I succeeded, because now I don’t have to try as hard.”

I nodded again. It all seemed to make sense. “So what do you suggest, Ry?”

“I started by giving myself a new hairstyle. Then, I chose clothes make up, the works. I worked on my physical appearance first, because the rest would be harder.”

“So..a hair cut? Let’s say I wanted to go now?”

Rylie perked up. “Let’s! I know just the place to go! And we can go shopping right afterwards! It’ll be on me, since your birthday is next week.”

I smiled contently at my sister. She was only a sophomore in high school, a second year, but she had matured much faster than I had.

We finished our lunch, then took off to get my makeover done. And after that, we had someone take our picture. I decided to cut my hair short. I thought it was cute, and a good change. We even found these cute high fashion, low price clothes. I felt more confident and much better.

Another Week Later…

“Happy Birthday to Mariaaaaaaaa! Happy Birthdaay to yoooooooooooooooooooooooou!”

My family had joined me for my birthday, and that was it. I never made friends easily, though I was friendly, but I liked being alone sometimes. I gave my family a hug, and we cut the cake that Julian had made me.

“Happy Birthday, baby girl.” My dad came over and hugged me.

“Thanks, Dad.”

“We have something to show you.” He smiled, and nudged me along with my siblings out the door.

The car ride wasn’t very long. We stopped, and my siblings blindfolded me.

“Hey!” I laughed. I felt like I was getting back to myself.

“No looking!” Rylie said, with a hint of giddiness in her voice. I felt the car start to move again. We stopped only moments later. The car door opened, and I was lead out. I walked for about 30 seconds, then was held at a stop.

“Are you ready?”

“Of course, Daddy.”

In one swift motion, my blindfold was taken off. I was stunned with what I saw.

“Dad! No way!”

“Happy birthday, kiddo.” He smiled. “Your siblings chipped in for this also.”

My dad had done the unthinkable. He bought me a house.