Chapter 13

Note to readers: This chapter is primarily just a showcase of the house, made by pixsidust2 on the sims3 website. More storyline will be coming soon! You can skip the pictures and just read the beginning and the end!

I wasn’t allowed to bring a lot from my apartment. Most of the furniture belonged to the complex, so I had a bit of shopping to do. My sister helped me pick out some furniture from the store, just enough to get by.

The stuff we bought didn’t seem like much. Honestly it didn’t. Well, I guess the truck that had to move the furniture to my house was much.

The walls were white. The floors were all the same bland brown carpet, even in the bathrooms. I’d have to ask my father to help me paint

It took a few weeks, but we completed it! I took pictures for my scrapbook.

Let me give you a tour of my new house. 

Here’s the front entrance hall.

Taking a left, here’s the Office.

Now let’s go back across the entrance to the living room/dining room.

Through the arch, is the kitchen. 

Leading to the downstairs bathroom.

The laundry room across the small hall.

The Garage.

The garage has a staircase that leads to an extra bedroom, or storage space, which also has a bathroom attachment.

Going back to the kitchen, there’s a family room.

Up the stairs….

We have the boys room on the right.

It has a shared bathroom with the girls’ room.

My dad and I decided to decorate these, just in case. I want a family eventually right? Here’s the girls room!

The nursery for my future children. I’m so excited!

Here’s the master bedroom.

And the master bath.

That’s it for the inside! Here are some outside pictures!

I’m finally completely moved in. I wanted the house to be complete, so we didn’t buy everything at the quality I wanted to, but hopefully it changes in the future.

There was one thing that bothered me about settling in was sometimes at night I’d see this figure outside…

2 comments on “Chapter 13

  1. Awww ❤ Thanks for show casing the home I made Picc. 😀 Glad your simmies are able to enjoy it.

    ❤ Pixsidust2

  2. nestea7 says:

    OOOo That’s a nice house. 🙂

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