Chapter 15: Life Follows

It seemed like only days passed before Garret popped the big question. After we had gotten back together, nothing had gone wrong. Of course I said yes.

We got married almost 2 years after, as we were busy with our careers and that’s when we were both available. We kept a lovely wedding album.

You know what marriage means, right? It means kids! Although, I thought we’d have maybe one or two. We got a set of triplets, and then a set of twins.

Felix, Charlotte, and Sebastian came first, and were born in that order.

Then came Rose and Alexis, also in that order.

They’re a real mess. I love them all though.

5 comments on “Chapter 15: Life Follows

  1. nestea7 says:

    Those are some really nice wedding photos. And the kids are adorable. 🙂

  2. Lovely wedding album! The posing was super cute. Haha, one of the kids looked like he was trying to snort a building block. xDD

  3. The wedding album looks great. Her dress is lovely too. And five kids, they’re going to be very busy. But they’re cute.

    Snorting a block bahaha :’)

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