Heir Vote for Generation 4!

Voting ends Saturday, August 11, at 4 pm PST.

Here are your choices for the next generation’s heir! Jonathan, Garret’s child, is not in the running because he was not Maria’s son. So, that leaves you 5 choices! You can vote Here!

Felix Heller

Family Oriented, Lucky, Great Kisser, Hopeless romantic, Easily impressed

Felix is a nerd. He spent his time in school in the science room or in the library. He’s the kind of person who wants to settle down with a girl and have kids. He’s actually met a girl in his high school, and they’ve been dating ever since. He loves his parents, and is protective of all of his siblings, so him moving is out of the question. He seems settled, but when his girlfriend starts to be evasive, his crystal clear view on the world seems to shatter. Can Felix solve the puzzle that is his life?

Charlotte Heller

Friendly, Lucky, Charismatic, Genius, Virtuoso

Charlotte has big dreams of being a famous pianist, and wishes to pursue them. Starlight Shores has always been her number 1 destination to follow her heart and move there very soon. She seems oblivious to any man who shows any interest in her. But, when a handsome record exec shows up to her shiny new apartment with a proposition, will she take it? More importantly, is Charlotte ready to face what the spotlight has to offer?

Sebastian Heller:

Schmoozer, Perfectionist, Lucky, Charismatic, Great Kisser

Sebastian has always been known to be a lady killer. All through high school he broke girls’ hearts, and that hasn’t stopped. He, like his sister Charlotte, dreams of the high life. He wanted to be a suave movie director in the city of Bridgeport. When he moves there, however, he encounters a girl who turns his world upside down. Can he survive the roller coaster of the city?

Rose Heller:

Schmoozer, Easily impressed, Absent minded, Charismatic, Loves the outdoors

Rose is the blonde of the group. The real ‘blonde’. She never gets anything. No one knows where her and her brother got the blonde, but that’s how life makes us laugh. Her parents thought it’d be best for her to stay home with them as she gets in trouble a lot, with her..’blonde’ness and everything. Her dreams in life are to be the wife of a wealthy husband. Will she find her dream, or will she have to plan for something else?

Alexis Heller

Charismatic, Family oriented, Great kisser, Perfectionist, Dog Person

Alexis, being born last (her sister insists on it), is the last to do anything. Whether it’s get a boyfriend, be kissed, go to high school, anything. She seemed to interest the boys though. She was attractive, innocent, young, quirky. Even the teachers seemed to notice. Especially one in particular. Alexis slides it off her shoulder, saying he’s just being friendly. Will Alexis be right or will this teacher have some ulterior motive?

Again, You can vote Here!

One comment on “Heir Vote for Generation 4!

  1. They all grew up so well ^_^ going to vote now.

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