Chapter 16: Prologue to Generation 4

I’m going to be trying out a bit of third person in this chapter and maybe the next few. 


We met when we were 17. We were both in the science club, top of our class, chess fanatics. We seemed to be identical twins of each other. I think we were destined to be with each other, though it took most of our high school career to even meet each other. I’d sit in the front of the class, and she’d sit in the back, that’s why we never met. Until one day…

Normally, the clinking of the beakers was the only sound that Felix heard during science class. On this day, nothing was normal, as the teacher had paired Felix up, as well as the whole class, in pairs. This was something Felix had never done. He prefered to work alone, as most of the time his partners were less than competent, which is a hard feat.

Today, Felix was paired up with a girl. She had chestnut hair and sparkling blue eyes. She approached him shyly.


Felix could sense that she was shy, and felt comfort in it. He had always been shy himself.


The girl smiled and moved onto the seat next to him.

“My name’s -”

“Let’s just work, okay?” Felix never meant to be rude, but sometimes he came off as such.

The girl nodded, and they got to work.

After a few minutes, the girl spoke up.

“You’re not going to use the salt first, are you?”

Felix stopped and looked up at the blue-eyed girl. “What?”

“You’re about to use the salt first. It’d be easier to use the baking soda. That way when the chlorine mixes with–”

“I know what I’m doing.”  Felix did indeed know what he was doing, but at the moment, something in the backof his head was screaming at him to listen to the girl. “You know what. You do it.”

“Really?” The girl looked shocked. They both started at each other for a moment before she blinked and moved closer to the beakers, which was also closer to Felix. She began to do the experiment her way. Felix watched as the girl added the baking soda, and continued with the experiment. Felix had always done things one way, but the way this girl was working was almost immaculate.

“There.” The girl took a step back, brushing Felix’s arm slightly, causing him to come out of his thoughts.

“What?” He adjusted his glasses.

“I’m done.” Felix turned and looked at the counter. The mixture that resulted from the experiment was exactly how it should be. He looked up at the girl, who was standing there with a smile on her face.

The bell rang. “Alright class! Turn your projects in, and make sure your names are on them!”

The girl leaned down and wrote her name on the beaker, which Felix payed no attention to. She stood up, smiled at Felix, then took her things and left the classroom. Felix couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

The next day in class, Felix didn’t sit at the front of the room. Instead, he sat in the back, at the same counter as the girl he had worked with the day before. She smiled at him as he sat down.


“Hello.” Felix gave a quick smile, and class began.

After class, Felix wanted to get to know this girl. He had been looking at her worksheet all during the hour, and everything had been perfect. When the girl got up to leave, he stopped her.

“What’s your name?”

She turned and smiled. “Only if you tell me yours first.”

“Felix Heller.” Felix waited in anticipation.

“Elizabeth. Elizabeth Townsend.”

(She refused to smile! 😦 )

2 comments on “Chapter 16: Prologue to Generation 4

  1. nestea7 says:

    Elizabeth!!! Lol, Sorry, couldn’t help myself. XD This seems like it could be an interesting storyline. 🙂

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