Options for a new story, and a new first heir!

Here are the polls. Scroll down to check out the options!

Polls close Midnight, Sunday, January 20, 2013

Story lines:

Option 1: Maria Thatcher.

I knew something was wrong that night. The city of Bridgeport had always been a mysterious place for me, that night was no exception. I remember arriving late after senior prom. The lights were off, and my gut told me to run. I never did, so I was the one to discover something horrible.

When the death of her parents sends shock waves through the community, Maria’s choices were to move on, or seek the truth. She tried to move on, but after graduation, there was no choice but to find the truth. Using her wits, and sometimes her looks, she must learn to be a sleuth in the city of Bridgeport. But when one mysterious figure shows up in her life, can she hold onto reality, or will she be lead down the wrong path?

Option 2: Amanda Price

Amanda Price was always a loner, as her family quickly moved from city to city because of her father. She is a bookworm, awlways reading about new and exciting things, fact or fiction. As she begins her Junior year, Amanda must fit in to her new town, but something about the name of the town irks her. It always seems to be foggy and gloomy. The name of the town? Moonlight Falls.

New Heir: (Note, if option 2 for the story line is chosen, the heir will change ages, duh!)


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