Traits: It’s a simple roll system. If I roll a 1 or 4, it’s a trait from the mother. If I roll a 2 or 5, it’s a trait from the father. A rolled 3 is random. For the mother/father traits, another number is rolled and that number corresponds with a trait of theirs.

Lifetime wish: When they become a young adult, I roll between 1-5 and it corresponds with each choice.

Heir System: By vote on the forums and here!

Children: Determined by each Sim. If the heir is in a relationship, and they get a baby wish, they get a baby. This only applies after the sim is in a position where it can work into the story. You can’t have a baby if you don’t do the deed!

Heir Eligibility: To be eligible for heir, the child must be born of the previous heir, or adopted(if same-sex) by the previous heir.

One comment on “About

  1. bagley777 says:

    This sounds really cool. 🙂 I voted on your polls, can’t wait till your story starts! I have a legacy of my own that just started, too.

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