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If anyone’s there, I think about you guys every once in a while. I’ve been busy, but I miss writing. I think what pushed me away was the constant posing and picture taking. I always consider coming back and focusing on the writing, with minimal pictures. If anyone is out there, would you enjoy it?

Prologue: Prom Night

I remember that night like it was yesterday. The music was loud, the lights down. The boys and girls of my senior class – and other classes, those freshmen little creepers – were clawing their way onto each other. It was almost as if they were trying to get away with doing the nasty on the dance floor. I, of course, would have never have been one of those kids, right? I was. But I’m getting ahead of myself.


“Maria, you can’t get green nails. Your dress is already green! It’ll clash!”

My best friend, Amanda, blinked at me with her long, made up lashes from across the room. We had been friends since practically forever, but we were completely different from each other. She was perky, fashionable, and the sweetheart of our class. I, well, I was kind of a rebel. I was dating her brother, Micheal, at the time. We’d sneak out to parties, sit on rooftops and laugh until we were blue in the face, and feel so passionately about each other that it seemed we were 30 and ready to settle down.

Except, with being such rebels, we’d never settle down with each other. I could see us being together for a long time, but we’d never settle down. The whole ‘marriage’ dealio that society has planned for us never seemed right in our minds.

Micheal was a college student. He was 21. He was everything I wanted and more, but with a little (actually, huge) badboy front that made all of the ladies fall over with desperation. But I was the one that got him. His little sister’s best friend.

I sat up and closed the nail polish before I could even paint a nail. Amanda always had good taste, and I wasn’t exactly sure what went with what when it came to fashion.

“Okay. I’ll go with black then. It matches.” I let out a small chuckle, obviously sliding in sarcasm.

“As long as you put sparkles. I’m not letting you go all rocker chick with a Marc Topaz dress! I’m so jealous, Maria. Really, I am.”

I smiled, realizing how lucky I was. I quickly finished my polish and waited for my wonderful man to pick us up.


The three of us sat at the bar, or what was left of it for a high school dance. Amanda, despite being popular, never got a date, so her brother and I decided it’d be nice for us to hang out with her during the dance. We watched as the other kids gyrated on the floor.

“I remember this. I wish I could say it was much different, but things never change around here I guess.” Micheal sighed and took a drink of his Shirley Temple that was spiked with alcohol.

I looked over at Amanda, who was now staring at her drink, hunched over a little. I put my hand on her shoulder. “What’s wrong?”

“It just bugs me that I’m here, and he’s..well…there.” Amanda was referring to her ex-boyfriend, Jason. I gave her a squeeze.

“Let’s get out of here.”

We ended up at some random party of a friend of a friend of a friend of Micheal’s. It was relatively close by. It didn’t take long before Micheal and I had hit the dance floor, with drinks in hand. We didn’t care who was watching or what they thought. Our hips and arms swayed together in one mass. Time seemed to fly by.


The faint sound of the home owner’s grandfather clock sounded the cry of midnight, and I realized I was late for curfew. 

“Micheal! I have to go! Let’s go!” I pulled on his sleeve as he grabbed his sister. She had magically found some guy to chat up. We ran out to the car in the shivering moonlight and sped to my house.

I walked in the door feeling a little woozy from the night. I had a bit of alcohol in my system and my head hurt from the music pounding into my ear drums. The lights were off when I walked in, which immediately made me perk up with interest. My parents should be up. My father should have been waiting for me in the living room, ready to give me a good talking to for being late. Instead, it was quiet.

Then I turned the corner.


I ran to my mothers side. “Mom! MOM!” But as I entered the room, I realized there was nothing I could do for my mother, or my father.


It was the morning of my 18th birthday. Graduation had passed a week ago. It had been almost a month after my parents’ murder, and still I had no answers to what had happened. My parents had left me everything. The house, the cars. Everything to their name was now mine.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. A police officer was standing there, notepad in hand. “Maria Thatcher?”

“Yes, that’s me..” I said hesitantly.

“I’d like to talk to you about your parents.” I immediately let him in.

“Would you like some coffee? Tea?”

“No, No thank you. I’m Officer Thomas. I’ve been working the case on your parents.” Officer Thomas sat down on my couch and watched me also sit down.

“Okay. Is there any news?” My eyes slightly lit up with hope. Please let there be a suspect, please.

Officer Thomas looked down at his lap before looking up at me. “Unfortunately, every lead we’ve had has lead to a dead end. My supervisors have asked me to close this case.”

He stood up and started to walk to the door. “I’m sorry for your loss.”

There was a sound of opening, and before there was a closing sound, I spoke up.

“What’s your full name, Officer Thomas?” I’d want to keep his name in case I found anything out.

“Officer Jackson Thomas, Ma’am. Have a good day.”


And with that, the door closed.

Meet the Heir!

Maria Thatcher.

I knew something was wrong that night. The city of Bridgeport had always been a mysterious place for me, that night was no exception. I remember arriving late after senior prom. The lights were off, and my gut told me to run. I never did, so I was the one to discover something horrible.

When the death of her parents sends shock waves through the community, Maria’s choices were to move on, or seek the truth. She tried to move on, but after graduation, there was no choice but to find the truth. Using her wits, and sometimes her looks, she must learn to be a sleuth in the city of Bridgeport. But when one mysterious figure shows up in her life, can she hold onto reality, or will she be lead down the wrong path?


Options for a new story, and a new first heir!

Here are the polls. Scroll down to check out the options!

Polls close Midnight, Sunday, January 20, 2013

Story lines:

Option 1: Maria Thatcher.

I knew something was wrong that night. The city of Bridgeport had always been a mysterious place for me, that night was no exception. I remember arriving late after senior prom. The lights were off, and my gut told me to run. I never did, so I was the one to discover something horrible.

When the death of her parents sends shock waves through the community, Maria’s choices were to move on, or seek the truth. She tried to move on, but after graduation, there was no choice but to find the truth. Using her wits, and sometimes her looks, she must learn to be a sleuth in the city of Bridgeport. But when one mysterious figure shows up in her life, can she hold onto reality, or will she be lead down the wrong path?

Option 2: Amanda Price

Amanda Price was always a loner, as her family quickly moved from city to city because of her father. She is a bookworm, awlways reading about new and exciting things, fact or fiction. As she begins her Junior year, Amanda must fit in to her new town, but something about the name of the town irks her. It always seems to be foggy and gloomy. The name of the town? Moonlight Falls.

New Heir: (Note, if option 2 for the story line is chosen, the heir will change ages, duh!)


A long time coming

Hello everyone, or whomever may read this.

It’s the end of my winter break and I’ve been playing the Sims again. I miss my legacy, but I’ve lost my save file. Here’s the thing, though. Towards the end of writing (before my bleh-hiatus) I started only using poses and just purely writing. It really turned me off to the game. I’d like to return, but I’m going to start a new legacy. New characters, new city, plotline, everything. I won’t be posting as frequently as I did before, but I hope to get a few posts going then have a post once (MAYBE twice) a week. I found it really helped my writing, and as school is starting again, I’d love to improve more.

I really hope to get some great feedback. Talk to you all soon!

Returning to the Sims

Hey readers!

I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long, I’ve moved back to school and started in late August. I’ve been missing the sims a little bit, and have been wondering if I should write again.

Do I still have readers? Would you like me to continue?

Chapter 16: Prologue to Generation 4

I’m going to be trying out a bit of third person in this chapter and maybe the next few. 


We met when we were 17. We were both in the science club, top of our class, chess fanatics. We seemed to be identical twins of each other. I think we were destined to be with each other, though it took most of our high school career to even meet each other. I’d sit in the front of the class, and she’d sit in the back, that’s why we never met. Until one day…

Normally, the clinking of the beakers was the only sound that Felix heard during science class. On this day, nothing was normal, as the teacher had paired Felix up, as well as the whole class, in pairs. This was something Felix had never done. He prefered to work alone, as most of the time his partners were less than competent, which is a hard feat.

Today, Felix was paired up with a girl. She had chestnut hair and sparkling blue eyes. She approached him shyly.


Felix could sense that she was shy, and felt comfort in it. He had always been shy himself.


The girl smiled and moved onto the seat next to him.

“My name’s -”

“Let’s just work, okay?” Felix never meant to be rude, but sometimes he came off as such.

The girl nodded, and they got to work.

After a few minutes, the girl spoke up.

“You’re not going to use the salt first, are you?”

Felix stopped and looked up at the blue-eyed girl. “What?”

“You’re about to use the salt first. It’d be easier to use the baking soda. That way when the chlorine mixes with–”

“I know what I’m doing.”  Felix did indeed know what he was doing, but at the moment, something in the backof his head was screaming at him to listen to the girl. “You know what. You do it.”

“Really?” The girl looked shocked. They both started at each other for a moment before she blinked and moved closer to the beakers, which was also closer to Felix. She began to do the experiment her way. Felix watched as the girl added the baking soda, and continued with the experiment. Felix had always done things one way, but the way this girl was working was almost immaculate.

“There.” The girl took a step back, brushing Felix’s arm slightly, causing him to come out of his thoughts.

“What?” He adjusted his glasses.

“I’m done.” Felix turned and looked at the counter. The mixture that resulted from the experiment was exactly how it should be. He looked up at the girl, who was standing there with a smile on her face.

The bell rang. “Alright class! Turn your projects in, and make sure your names are on them!”

The girl leaned down and wrote her name on the beaker, which Felix payed no attention to. She stood up, smiled at Felix, then took her things and left the classroom. Felix couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

The next day in class, Felix didn’t sit at the front of the room. Instead, he sat in the back, at the same counter as the girl he had worked with the day before. She smiled at him as he sat down.


“Hello.” Felix gave a quick smile, and class began.

After class, Felix wanted to get to know this girl. He had been looking at her worksheet all during the hour, and everything had been perfect. When the girl got up to leave, he stopped her.

“What’s your name?”

She turned and smiled. “Only if you tell me yours first.”

“Felix Heller.” Felix waited in anticipation.

“Elizabeth. Elizabeth Townsend.”

(She refused to smile! 😦 )

Heir Vote for Generation 4!

Voting ends Saturday, August 11, at 4 pm PST.

Here are your choices for the next generation’s heir! Jonathan, Garret’s child, is not in the running because he was not Maria’s son. So, that leaves you 5 choices! You can vote Here!

Felix Heller

Family Oriented, Lucky, Great Kisser, Hopeless romantic, Easily impressed

Felix is a nerd. He spent his time in school in the science room or in the library. He’s the kind of person who wants to settle down with a girl and have kids. He’s actually met a girl in his high school, and they’ve been dating ever since. He loves his parents, and is protective of all of his siblings, so him moving is out of the question. He seems settled, but when his girlfriend starts to be evasive, his crystal clear view on the world seems to shatter. Can Felix solve the puzzle that is his life?

Charlotte Heller

Friendly, Lucky, Charismatic, Genius, Virtuoso

Charlotte has big dreams of being a famous pianist, and wishes to pursue them. Starlight Shores has always been her number 1 destination to follow her heart and move there very soon. She seems oblivious to any man who shows any interest in her. But, when a handsome record exec shows up to her shiny new apartment with a proposition, will she take it? More importantly, is Charlotte ready to face what the spotlight has to offer?

Sebastian Heller:

Schmoozer, Perfectionist, Lucky, Charismatic, Great Kisser

Sebastian has always been known to be a lady killer. All through high school he broke girls’ hearts, and that hasn’t stopped. He, like his sister Charlotte, dreams of the high life. He wanted to be a suave movie director in the city of Bridgeport. When he moves there, however, he encounters a girl who turns his world upside down. Can he survive the roller coaster of the city?

Rose Heller:

Schmoozer, Easily impressed, Absent minded, Charismatic, Loves the outdoors

Rose is the blonde of the group. The real ‘blonde’. She never gets anything. No one knows where her and her brother got the blonde, but that’s how life makes us laugh. Her parents thought it’d be best for her to stay home with them as she gets in trouble a lot, with her..’blonde’ness and everything. Her dreams in life are to be the wife of a wealthy husband. Will she find her dream, or will she have to plan for something else?

Alexis Heller

Charismatic, Family oriented, Great kisser, Perfectionist, Dog Person

Alexis, being born last (her sister insists on it), is the last to do anything. Whether it’s get a boyfriend, be kissed, go to high school, anything. She seemed to interest the boys though. She was attractive, innocent, young, quirky. Even the teachers seemed to notice. Especially one in particular. Alexis slides it off her shoulder, saying he’s just being friendly. Will Alexis be right or will this teacher have some ulterior motive?

Again, You can vote Here!

Chapter 15: Life Follows

It seemed like only days passed before Garret popped the big question. After we had gotten back together, nothing had gone wrong. Of course I said yes.

We got married almost 2 years after, as we were busy with our careers and that’s when we were both available. We kept a lovely wedding album.

You know what marriage means, right? It means kids! Although, I thought we’d have maybe one or two. We got a set of triplets, and then a set of twins.

Felix, Charlotte, and Sebastian came first, and were born in that order.

Then came Rose and Alexis, also in that order.

They’re a real mess. I love them all though.